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Hiring Experience

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Give your team the best HR software to make hiring the top talent quick & easy.


Templated Ads

Applications Forms

Fast Vacancy Requisition


Integrated Multi-Poster

Agency Portal


Easy Progression Stages

Review & Assess

Agency Portal


Interview Booking

Easy Candidate Feedback


Easy Candidate Feedback


HR System Integrations


Report & Analyse

Compelling personalised & branded
communications throughout

Hiring Experience Features

Opportunity Creation

Reduced Hiring Admin

Using templated adverts and application forms makes it really fast to create your vacancies. Requisition processes are also easy within Talos and we'll set your system up so everyone has the correct level of access.

Vacancy Distribution

Instant Vacancy Awareness

Our integrated multi-poster means no additional advert posting fees. Get jobs live in as little as two minutes and post to free job boards, social channels, premium boards and your careers page. You can also send jobs to your preferred recruitment agencies.

Candidate Management

Easy Progression Workflows

Talos has been designed to be simple and enjoyable to use. We set up your progression stages in the system so that you can easily score, screen, annotate, progress, hire, regret and talent pool your applicants.

Candidate Management

Time Saving Automations

Talos enables smart, personalised automation so that you can focus your time on high value tasks. Triggered automated emails allow you to offer consistent & timely candidate communications to provide relevant feedback.

Candidate Interviews

Hassle Free Interviewing

Save a huge amount of time with our intelligent booking system that allows candidates to book their own slots, reducing no-shows. You can also use video interviewing to minimise unnecessary travel and to streamline your interview process.

Candidate Onboarding

Effortless Onboarding

Talos enables paperless onboarding, hugely reducing your admin time. Contracts, DBS & reference checks can be sent, E-Signed and effortlessly collated. Our HR integration can then seamlessly transfer your new hire data to your HR/Payroll systems.


Full Control & Visibility

The reporting suite in Talos allows you to see the source of your hires, your time to hire, and your cost per hire. This allows you to plan future recruitment initiatives based on data, allowing you to optimise & reduce your recruitment costs.

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