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Hospitality Recruitment: Top 5 hiring tips

28th July 2021 | 0 Comments

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Hiring for the hospitality industry can be a challenge, with high competition for the best candidates. Here we discuss how you can create a talent-winning hospitality recruitment campaign – bringing strong new talent to your team:

How to manage hospitality recruitment:

While some employers opt for using hospitality recruitment agencies to source talent, this is usually more expensive than hiring in-house. It’s beneficial for your employer brand and HR strategy to pursue centralised recruitment methods.

Here are our top five tips for managing hospitality recruitment campaigns in-house:

#1 – Promote your unique employer brand values

Your employer brand means everything when attracting new talent to your business. This covers everything from employee benefits and incentives, to your day-to-day workplace culture.

Survey your employees to identify your strongest employer brand values. Why did they choose you over any other employer? These are the factors you should be promoting across recruitment ad campaigns.

#2 – Use the right platforms to attract candidates

Make sure you’re using the right platforms to engage compatible candidates. Promote job vacancies across social media channels, as well as both industry-specific and generalised job boards.

Remember: different generations of talent are likely to use different platforms to find work.

For the younger end of your workforce, it may be more appropriate to use mobile-friendly, social media listings.

For more seasoned candidates, make sure to cover industry job boards and local advertising resources as well as social media channels.

#3 – Engage with students, graduates, and part-time workers

Students and graduates are a valuable audience when promoting hospitality recruitment campaigns. Be sure to engage with these cohorts in your recruitment advertising by offering flexible shifts, on-the-job training, and development opportunities.

Hospitality is a great industry for part-time workers, who may be unable to pursue a full-time 9-5 role. Make sure to offer flexible opportunities across your job roles to attract more compatible applicants. Make this clear across recruitment ads, even incorporating ‘flexibility’ into headlines if necessary. 

#4 – Use an ATS to manage high volumes of applications

Hospitality recruitment campaigns often attract a large number of applications. It’s therefore crucial that your hiring team has the tools available to manage candidates effectively.

Using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows you to stay on top of each and every candidate, their progress, and essential details. This also enables you to keep in high-quality contact with applicants as they progress through each hiring stage.

An ATS will help you to cut time to hire, improve your candidate/recruiter experience, and reduce your reliance on staffing agencies – cutting costs. It has never been easier to attract and hire compatible talent using your in-house team and resources.

#5 – Use video interviews to speed up hiring turnaround

Video interviews are a great way to engage with more candidates over a shorter period of time. In hospitality recruitment, it’s often necessary to screen and interview a vast number of candidates simultaneously for numerous roles. 

Use video interviewing software to facilitate accessible, on-demand interviews between your hiring team and their candidates. This means that sessions may be carried out at any time, and from anywhere – speeding up your hiring turnaround. 

Another advantage of video interviews is their ability to include more key decision-makers in the selection process. Sessions may be recorded for later assessment, reducing the number of individuals required to be present at each interview. This also promotes D&I initiatives by increasing your selection panel, reducing the risk of individual recruiter bias.

Make hospitality recruitment easier with Talos

Want to make hospitality recruitment easier? We’ve got you covered! Talos is the ultimate, all-in-one solution for in-house hiring.

With Talos, you’ll gain access to all the tools you need to attract, manage, hire, and onboard new employees effectively. The platform facilitates remote hiring practices, D&I initiatives, and recruitment automation to deliver world-class talent delivery.

Talos includes:

Discover a better way to manage hospitality recruitment – saving time, cutting costs, and reducing your reliance on staffing agencies:

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