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How to write a talent-winning job advert

12th July 2021 | 0 Comments

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A strong job advert makes all the difference when seeking to attract new talent to your business. A strong advertising strategy requires an understanding of what candidates are looking for in an employer, as well as what turns them off. Here we give our top five tips for writing a talent-winning job advert.

Tips for writing a strong job advert:

The strength of your advertising strategy has a huge effect on the success of your recruitment process. Here are our top tips for writing an effective job advert: 

#1 – Shout about your unique values

Let candidates know what your company offers over similar employers in your sector. This is what makes your vacancies stand out from the rest, and helps to secure more key talent for your business.

This may relate to your unique workplace culture, employee benefits package, or innovation in your products and services. Why should candidates apply for your role specifically?

Find out what makes your current employees choose you over any other employer. Shouting about these advantages helps to solidify ‘employer of choice’ status.

#2 – Be transparent: State the expected salary

Did you know that 48% of job-hunters won’t apply for a role if the salary isn’t advertised? This means almost half of potential candidates simply ignoring your job advert over one missing detail.

Make sure to remain transparent with job-hunters; list the expected salary wherever possible. This will boost engagement with your job ads – driving more high-quality applications to your vacancies.

#3 – Keep your job advert simple & direct

Overcomplicating your job advert can have a huge effect on its success. Keep things simple and to-the-point; make adverts easy to read and absorb for job-hunters.

90% of candidates now use their mobiles to apply for work. This makes it crucial to optimise your job adverts for handset users – keeping things short, snappy, and engaging.

#4 – Choose the right advertising platforms

Are you using the right platforms to advertise your vacancies? Being too specific, or too broad in your choice of job boards can limit the success of your campaigns.

When hiring for specialist roles, be sure to spread listings across industry-specific job boards. This will help to attract candidates with the skills and experience required, rather than overloading you with unsuitable applications.

Utilise social media platforms to attract new candidates. It’s likely that your company’s online following already contains potentially compatible talent; this is a powerful and cost-effective resource for recruitment campaigns.

#5 – Make the next steps clear to candidates

How do you want to receive applications? Neglecting this simple piece of information can massively affect the number of applications your vacancy receives. 

Make the next steps clear to candidates; where should they send their CV/application? Will you provide a contact form within job ads, or are they to head to an external link to apply?

While it may sound like an obvious part of any job advert, it’s all too easy to miss out this key detail when promoting your vacancies.

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