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Applicant tracking system FAQs

26th April 2021 | 0 Comments

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Recruitment software comes in many forms, one of the most popular being applicant tracking software (ATS). With competition in the job market increasing by the day, an applicant tracking system allows recruiters to easily provide an efficient, talent-winning hiring process.

Applicant tracking software: your questions answered

The increased demand for recruitment tech has led to many employers feeling uncertain about which software they should use. Here we cover some of the most frequently asked questions relating to applicant tracking software, helping recruiters choose the tech that best suits their needs.

What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a piece of recruitment software which allows employers to securely store and manage candidate information. This helps recruiters to maintain a smooth, efficient hiring process, and provide a positive candidate journey.

What does an ATS do?

Applicant tracking systems come in many forms, but all share the same goal: helping employers manage their hiring process effectively. This is achieved by intelligent data storage, giving users the ability to filter, screen, rank, and engage their recruitment candidates.

Some ATS platforms have more features than others, providing employers with more assistance in different areas of the hiring process. It’s always worth comparing systems to find the features that best suit your company’s needs.

How will an ATS help my recruitment process?

Utilising an ATS will help you to achieve a more efficient recruitment process – while cutting hiring time and expenditure. The platform will collect and store applicant data automatically, allowing you to screen and filter individuals to find the most suitable candidates.

With Talos, the integrated ATS allows you to easily screen, rank, and engage your candidates – all from one user-friendly dashboard. This saves time where it counts, reducing recruitment admin, and letting you focus on hiring the best talent.

Why should I use an applicant tracking system?

An ATS is a useful asset for companies of any size. The software promotes stress-free recruitment, reducing both team workload and hiring expenses.

Applicant tracking software decreases reliance on outsourced recruitment, allowing companies to provide a positive, straightforward hiring process – without the added cost of recruitment agencies. 

What are the features of an ATS?

While features of applicant tracking systems may vary, the core elements are:

  • Collection and storage of applicant data.
  • Screening/ranking of recruitment candidates.
  • Allowing for contact automation throughout the recruitment process.
  • Helping recruiters provide a clear, straightforward hiring journey.
  • Enabling you to onboard new recruits.

What is Talos ATS?

With Talos, you gain access to much more than an applicant tracking system. The integrated recruitment advertising suite, virtual interview room, and auto-communication capabilities allow for positive engagement and easier hiring. 

Talos enables you to attract, screen, interview, hire, and onboard candidates through a simple, centralised process. Some unique features of Talos include:

  • Recruitment advertising planning/analysis – helping you attract the most relevant talent, and cut hiring costs.
  • Multi-platform job posting – allowing you to promote your vacancies across all key online settings. 
  • Automated SMS/Email communication – allowing for strong and frequent candidate engagement.
  • Virtual interview room – reducing time to hire, and increasing accessibility within your hiring process.
  • Onboarding suite – allowing you to engage new recruits, manage DBS & references, validate contracts, and easily add new employees to your payroll.

In summary

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are a popular solution for employers seeking to centralise recruitment. While features of ATS platforms may vary, they share a universal goal: to provide a stress-free way for companies to engage and hire the best talent. 

Using an ATS gives you full control over your hiring process, allowing you to manage recruitment internally in a straightforward, time & cost-effective manner. 

With Talos, you gain access to a next-generation applicant tracking system, recruitment advertising suite, virtual interview room, and onboarding portal – not to mention SMS/email automation capabilities. This allows you to reduce time to hire, and cut recruitment costs, while reducing reliance on recruitment agencies by promoting centralised hiring.

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With Talos, it has never been easier to centralise your hiring process. The system provides an all-in-one recruitment solution, allowing companies of all sizes to attract and hire strong talent. 

Talos will help you to cut recruitment costs, reduce time to hire, and provide a talent-winning candidate journey – while ensuring the process remains stress-free for your team.

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