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Top 5: Best Applicant Tracking System features

14th July 2021 | 0 Comments

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Finding the best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) means assessing your company’s recruitment needs to identify which tools and features you require.

Once you find the right fit, using an ATS will help you to increase speed, efficiency, and ease in your hiring process. Here we run through the top 5 features of ATS software, helping you make the right choice for your business:

The best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) features

Here are some of the best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) features to consider before investing in recruitment software:

#1 – Automated candidate progression stages

Automated progression stages mean your strongest candidates are automatically picked out by the ATS, and progressed to the next hiring stage. This works by identifying applicants’ key skills, as well as assessing answers to essential application questions.

This saves time for your HR team, making it easier to identify and engage the most suitable candidates. Screening is a crucial part of the hiring process; automated candidate progression makes it easier to filter through high volumes of applications.

#2 – Anonymised hiring to promote D&I

Anonymised hiring tools have become a popular feature across the top Applicant Tracking Systems. This helps to reduce the risk of unconscious recruiter bias by removing unnecessary details from candidate profiles – such as name, gender, and ethnicity.

By activating anonymised hiring in your ATS, you promote equity in your hiring process. This makes it easier to attract and hire a more diverse range of talent to your business. 

#3 – SMS/Email update automation

Automating SMS/Email updates within your ATS saves time for your hiring team, while ensuring candidates remain in-the-loop. This promotes a positive hiring journey for candidates, getting them off to the best start possible with your employer brand.

Communication assistants have become one of the best Applicant Tracking System features for increasing HR efficiency. They allow recruiters to schedule personalised updates for candidates – increasing engagement and employer brand reputation.

#4 – Automatic applicant data-collection

Data entry is one of the most grueling tasks in HR. This is why automated data collection has become a popular feature across Applicant Tracking Systems in recent years.

Candidate information is automatically uploaded into your ATS as soon as they submit an application. This saves time for your HR team, while ensuring no applicants are allowed to slip through the net.

#5 – Video screening & interview tools

The benefits of video screening and interview tools have become clear over the past few years. They allow employers to review candidates on-demand, reducing the need for in-person assessments, and hours of reading individual applications.

This not only saves time for your HR team – it also makes your recruitment process more accessible for candidates. Interview sessions can be held and reviewed at any time, from anywhere, making it quicker and easier to engage applicants.

Video interviewing also helps to promote D&I by including more key decision-makers in the selection process – reducing the risk of individual recruiter bias.

Talos: The all-in-one recruitment system

Talos is an all-in-one recruitment tool, giving you all the tools you need to achieve fast, effective, and straightforward hiring.

As well as being a state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking System, Talos addresses all areas of talent-acquisition, providing the ultimate platform for in-house recruitment.

Talos includes:

  • Next-generation Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Anonymised hiring tools
  • Automated SMS/email updates for candidates
  • Automatic progression of your strongest applicants
  • Video screening/interview tools
  • Recruitment advertising/job-posting suite
  • Integrated application forms for automated data collection

All from one user-friendly dashboard!

With Talos, it has never been easier to attract, manage, and hire compatible talent to your business. 

Discover a better way to manage hiring:

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