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How to make HR easier & less stressful

1st July 2021 | 0 Comments

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Human resources (HR) lays the foundations for success in every workforce. However, the demands and complexity of people management often make it a stressful field to work in. Here we explore how HR professionals can make working life easier for themselves and their colleagues. 

What makes HR so difficult?

HR is responsible for everything from employee recruitment to staff wellbeing and retention. The complexity of these issues, combined with the individual circumstances of each employee, make workforce management a challenging responsibility.

Recruitment alone is a time-consuming process. Throw this in with staff training, wellbeing support, and employee retention, and the day-to-day reality of HR becomes much more stressful.

How can I make HR easier & less stressful?

While HR is undoubtedly a challenging industry, there are simple ways to reduce the day-to-day stress of the tasks at hand. This not only makes life easier for your HR team, but gives them more time to focus on promoting the success of your workforce.

Automate recruitment processes

Recruitment takes up a lot of time for HR teams. By automating certain aspects of the hiring process, you can free up time to focus on other vital aspects of workforce management. 

Software such as Applicant Tracking Systems provides automations in data collection, candidate progression, and SMS/email communication. This increases efficiency throughout your hiring process, and helps to deliver a positive experience for both recruiters and their candidates.

Use gamified employee engagement tools

Employee engagement is one of the most critical challenges for HR teams. Using gamified engagement tools makes it easier to monitor wellbeing & morale, and meet the needs and expectations of your workforce. This helps to maintain productivity, and boost your staff retention rates.

Gamified tools make surveys and questionnaires more engaging for your employees, while providing your HR team with straightforward insights to inform their strategy. Simply get your employees to play the game, and you’ll save hours of time usually dedicated to polling and collating results.

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Upgrade your HR tech toolkit

Technology has changed the way companies approach HR processes. By upgrading your technology toolkit, you help to make tasks quicker and easier for your HR team. Here are some of the most popular software solutions for easier human resources management:

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Talos is an all-in-one recruitment suite, giving HR teams all the tools they need to manage hiring easily and effectively. Save time, cut costs, and make life easier for your HR team – all with one piece of intuitive software.

Talos includes:

  • Next-generation Applicant Tracking System
  • Multi-platform job-poster 
  • Recruitment advertising suite
  • Video screening and interview platform
  • Automated progression of your strongest applicants
  • SMS/email update automation for candidates
  • Remote onboarding tools

All of these tools are combined into one easy-to-use dashboard, providing a true all-in-one recruitment solution – no matter your hiring needs.

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Beck is here to bring you the latest business tech news, hiring tips, and exciting updates from Talos360.

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