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Talos recruitment software FAQs

30th April 2021 | 0 Comments

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Talos is an all-in-one recruitment software package with next-generation features to help your company hire more effectively. Here we answer some of the most common questions relating to Talos, evaluating how each feature will help your business recruit top talent. 

Talos hiring platform: your questions answered

We created Talos to give employers a better way to attract & hire top talent. Here we answer your questions on the system, allowing you to make an informed recruitment software choice:

What is Talos?

Talos is a 360 business technology innovation, providing employers with an all-in-one recruitment software package. The multi-purpose platform gives users access to an intuitive applicant tracking system (ATS), recruitment advertising suite, virtual interview room, and SMS/email automation. 

This allows recruiters to attract, manage, hire, and onboard the best talent in a streamlined, cost-effective way.

What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a piece of recruitment software that allows employers to manage applicant data. The platform allows for storage of candidate information, screening/ranking of talent, and simplified applicant engagement. This helps to provide a streamlined recruitment process, and talent-winning candidate journey.

How does an ATS work?

Applicant tracking systems come with a variety of recruitment-simplifying features. These include secure data storage, project management tools, automated contact suites, and the ability to screen, rank, and tag candidate profiles. 

With Talos, the integrated ATS gives you full visibility over your hiring candidates. This allows your team to screen, rank, and engage talent, as well as form efficient workflows to make recruitment quicker & easier. 

How will Talos ATS help my company?

With Talos, it has never been easier to attract & hire the best talent in your sector. The integrated recruitment advertising suite allows for engaging, cost-effective hiring campaigns – ensuring your vacancies are always pitched to the strongest talent. 

The applicant tracking system allows for intelligent data management & contact automation, while the virtual interview room provides flexibility and accessibility both to candidates, and your hiring team.

What’s more, Talos allows you to pool previously engaged candidates into focused Talent pools, giving you pre-screened candidates to engage for future opportunities. Not everyone can be successful in their application the first time around; Talos recognises this, and allows you to retain strong talent for future hiring campaigns. 

Can Talos automate my recruitment process?

Talos comes with a number of intuitive features that promote automation in your recruitment process. 

The integrated ATS allows streamlined management of candidates, allowing you to tag each of these with keywords & rankings for effective filtering.

The recruitment advertising suite allows you to run campaigns across multiple platforms at once, reviewing these regularly for cost-effectiveness, and maximum engagement.

Talos also provides automation for your Email/SMS campaigns, allowing you to auto-engage and notify candidates regularly & individually – while saving valuable time and effort. 

How can I attract better talent with Talos?

Talos comes with a number of features that directly assist you in attracting & hiring the best talent. The recruitment advertising suite ensures your campaigns are optimised for maximum engagement, while remaining cost-effective for your business. This helps to promote your employer brand and vacancies to even more of the best talent.

With Talos, you can provide an effective, talent-winning candidate experience. This promotes your employer brand to potential new-hires, giving them an enjoyable hiring journey from day one. This not only helps to attract more talent to your business, but ensures employees are engaged from the very beginning – promoting retention. 

In summary

Talos is 360’s multi-purpose hiring platform, giving employers an easier way to attract & hire the best talent in their industry. With a number of time-saving & cost-cutting features, Talos ensures you are able to provide an engaging, streamlined hiring journey – promoting your employer brand, and making life easier for your team.

Some key features of Talos include:

  • Integrated applicant tracking system, helping you to store & manage talent data.
  • User-friendly recruitment advertising suite, helping you attract more strong candidates.
  • Virtual interview room, allowing you to hire remotely – increasing accessibility for both candidates and your hiring managers.
  • SMS/Email automation – allowing you to keep candidates in the loop through automated notifications.
  • Build talent pools of previously engaged candidates – retain eligible candidates from previous hiring campaigns to pursue when new opportunities arise. 

Discover a better way to hire top talent: book your free Talos demo

Talos makes it easier to attract & hire the right candidates for your business, allowing you to manage all aspects of recruitment – from advertising to onboarding. 

To discover a better way to recruit strong employees:

Beck Shillito

Beck is here to bring you the latest business tech news, hiring tips, and exciting updates from Talos360.

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