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Talos: Next-gen recruitment system for HR

10th June 2021 | 0 Comments

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Software has revolutionised the way companies approach HR management. Recruitment systems make life easier for hiring managers, while providing candidates with a positive experience. Here we explore Talos, our all-in-one recruitment system, giving employers all the tools they need for quick, easy, and effective hiring.

What is Talos ATS?

Talos is a true, all-in-one recruitment system – giving employers a better way to attract and hire the best talent in their sector.

The platform integrates all the essential hiring tools into one user-friendly dashboard to give recruiters and their candidates a better hiring experience. This includes overcoming the challenge of remote hiring, while maintaining the quality of contact, screening, and selection.

What tools does Talos recruitment system include?

The Talos combines all the tools you need to hire successfully – providing an intuitive solution for even the largest of staffing campaigns. The recruitment system includes:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The next-generation Applicant Tracking System (ATS) within Talos allows employers to store and manage candidate information effectively. This enables hiring managers to screen, engage, and progress applicants through every stage of the hiring process.

By providing an easy-access database for applicant data, Talos vastly reduces the amount of paperwork and admin associated with hiring. This promotes paperless processes by digitising documents such as  CVs, application forms, and employment contracts.

Recruitment advertising suite (multi-poster)

The strength of your recruitment advertising strategy heavily dictates the success of your hiring process. Talos gives you full control over the creation, optimisation, and posting of recruitment ads – allowing you to review and adapt campaigns for maximum engagement.

The in-built multi-poster lets you post to multiple job boards and social channels at once, expanding the reach and success of your recruitment campaigns. 

SMS/Email automation assistant

High-quality contact is the key to successful hiring. Talos provides SMS/Email automation tools, meaning you’re always able to keep in touch with your top candidates.

The contact scheduling assistant allows you to deliver personalised communications to your applicants – maintaining the reputation of your employer brand. This promotes a positive hiring journey for all candidates, ensuring new recruits get off to the best start possible with your business.

Automating SMS/Email contact saves valuable time for your HR team, while helping to communicate your employer brand and its values effectively.

Video screening/interview for virtual hiring

Virtual hiring tools are an essential part of any successful business tech toolkit. Video screening and interviewing saves valuable time, while increasing accessibility and equity in your hiring process.

Talos includes a fully-functional virtual interview room, enabling on-demand video screening and interviewing where necessary.

Interviewing virtually opens up your vacancies to even more of the best talent – overcoming geographical and time-related challenges. It also means interviews can be recorded and reviewed on-demand, including more key decision makers in the selection process. This reduces the risk of unconscious bias, promoting D&I and data-driven hiring choices.

Automated progression of your strongest applicants

Talos provides intuitive automations, including intelligent candidate progression based on application and data-capture form scores. The platform has the ability to automatically move your strongest applicants to different progression stages, enabling you to easily identify top candidates.

Smart automations help to increase ease and efficiency in your hiring process – saving time for your HR team, and promoting a positive candidate experience.

Remote onboarding tools

With the rise of work-from-home culture, remote onboarding has become an essential part of the modern HR process. This means supporting new recruits in starting their new roles remotely, providing any training, support, and information necessary.

Talos makes remote onboarding easier by enabling high-quality communication, digital signing of employment contracts, and links with onboarding microsites. This means new employees can get off to the best start possible with your business – even when working remotely.

Fully-branded careers page

Your unique employer brand is what first attracts candidates to join your company. Talos includes a fully-branded careers page to house all of your vacancies – promoting your unique work culture and values to compatible talent.

This also centralises the application process, providing a one-stop-shop for all of your company’s job opportunities. Applicant data is automatically fed through to the Talos system, increasing efficiency, saving time, and ensuring no candidate is left behind.

Discover a quick & easy recruitment system with Talos

Talos is an all-in-one solution for quick and easy hiring. The recruitment system contains all the tools you need to deliver strong, successful hiring. This promotes ease for your HR team, while providing a positive candidate journey.

With Talos, it has never been easier to maintain a candidate-focused hiring process, and bring more strong talent to your business.

Discover a better way to attract and hire top talent:

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