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Business case template – HR/Recruitment Software (ATS)

27th July 2021 | 0 Comments

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The numerous benefits of recruitment software (ATS) are clear to HR professionals. To secure buy-in from your senior leadership team, it’s crucial to know what makes a winning business case. Here we discuss how you can create a strong business case for your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

What is a business case?

A business case is a proposal used to highlight the benefits and use-cases of an investment to key business stakeholders.

This is an essential tool for securing buy-in from your leadership team; it’s crucial to understand how to produce one successfully.

For recruitment software, this involves identifying how your chosen product will help your team to succeed – and the benefits for the wider business.

What are the benefits of a strong software business case?

A strong business case for recruitment software ensures your senior leadership team are aware of the challenges you are facing, and how their investment will help.

This is especially useful when explaining a product’s benefits to those outside of the HR/staffing field, who may not fully understand the various processes. This increases the chance of your company investing in software tools to help your team.

How to write a winning business case for recruitment software:

Writing a winning business case doesn’t have to be difficult. By following the below steps, you can create a strong case for your company’s investment – securing buy-in from your leadership team:

#1 – Establish the problem

The first step to writing a winning business case is to identify the problems your team are facing. For recruitment software, this means assessing:

  • How much time is currently allocated to hiring?
  • What is your current new-hire turnover rate?
  • Do hiring challenges like admin/comms get in the way of other HR processes?
  • How long is your current ‘time to hire’?

Answering questions such as the above will help to highlight the key issues currently faced by your hiring team. This helps to promote the case for your chosen solutions.

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#2 – Identify the solution

Once you’ve established your team’s hiring challenges, you’ll need to identify the plausible solutions. You should consider:

  • Which piece of recruitment software do you want to implement?
  • Which specific problems will the chosen platform solve?
  • How does the platform work, and how will this help your team to operate efficiently?
  • What are the most valuable features of your chosen software?

Be sure to compare and contrast the different products available. Providing more options will increase the likelihood of your leadership team investing in a solution.

#3 – Provide in-depth analysis and develop a shortlist

Do your research; work through the various options to establish a shortlist, giving use-cases for each solution. 

  • What are the benefits of each different solution?
  • How are the various solutions priced? What makes the investment worth it?
  • Which platform is the most user-friendly, and requires the least training for your team?
  • Research each software provider – how do their values and services contrast?

Present your shortlist to your leadership team, allowing them to analyse each solution and ask any questions necessary.

#4 – Anticipate questions in advance

When presenting your business case, it’s likely that your leadership team will have a number of questions relating to each product and use-case.

  • How well would each solution solve your existing problems?
  • How does each solution offer best value to your business?
  • Will the solution benefit the wider company? If so, how?
  • How would your business/team go about adopting the software in question?

Make sure you’re in a position to answer any questions your leadership team may have. Preparing for critiques and concerns increases the chance of securing investment.

#5 – Visualise the benefits

Nothing provides a better case for investment than solid stats and figures. Estimate how each solution will improve the day-to-day operation of your business.

  • Use charts and stats to visualise time/money saved in recruitment
  • Contrast your estimations with existing hiring stats
  • Draw on statistics when outlining the use-case to explain what makes the investment necessary

Preparation is key for providing a winning business case. Collaborate with your team, and use real-time data to identify key operational challenges in your hiring strategy.

Discover Talos: All-in-one recruitment software

Talos is the ultimate all-in-one solution for in-house recruitment, giving you all the tools necessary to attract, manage, and hire top talent effectively.

With Talos, you won’t need to provide a business case for each individual piece of recruitment software – everything you need is included in one intuitive package.

Talos includes:

The business case for Talos

Talos presents a strong business case for improving hiring efficiency, employee retention, and cutting recruitment spend. Here are some key benefits:

  • Reducing your reliance on staffing agencies
  • Cutting advertising/agency spend
  • Facilitating remote hiring and virtual interviewing
  • Providing a quicker hiring turnaround
  • Delivering a talent-winning candidate journey
  • Reducing recruitment admin for your HR team
  • Automating candidate progression and SMS/Email updates
  • Improving new employee retention
  • On-demand support available as a Talos customer

Discover a better way to approach in-house recruitment – save time, cut costs, and secure strong new talent for your business:

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Beck is here to bring you the latest business tech news, hiring tips, and exciting updates from Talos360.

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