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3 benefits of video interviewing

30th April 2021 | 0 Comments

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The popularity of video interviewing has increased with the rise of remote/hyrbid working. It is seen as a vital tool for employers to keep up with the ‘work from home’ movement – but some question its effect on interview quality. Here we discuss three benefits of video interviewing, helping employers adapt their hiring process to the changing world.

#1 – Video interviewing promotes accessibility 

One of the key benefits of video interviewing is that it promotes accessibility in your hiring process. Interviewing virtually opens up job opportunities to candidates who may not be able to attend an in-person meeting. 

For individuals with disabilities, caregiving responsibilities, or other commitments, video interviewing ensures they are given a chance to pursue opportunities despite their challenges.

This not only helps you to deliver a fair, inclusive hiring process, but increases your reach over top talent in your sector. Applicants won’t be put off by locational/accessibility challenges associated with attending an in-person interview.

#2 – It helps to promote diversity & inclusion (reducing bias)

Video interviews promote diversity & inclusion in various different ways. As mentioned above, they open up your job opportunities to individuals with disabilities/accessibility challenges – promoting inclusion of these groups.

Interviewing virtually also enables you to record individual sessions, allowing more key decision-makers to be involved in the selection/review process. This reduces the risk of personal unconscious bias by introducing more perspectives into candidate screening – promoting your D&I strategy.

What is unconscious bias?

Unconscious biases are stereotypes and perspectives that unknowingly affect an individual’s approach to a certain individual or group. They are a challenge to counter, as the individual is consciously unaware of their bias. 

An unconscious bias may be held towards any characteristic of an individual/group – most commonly including accent, race, gender, sexual orientation, or social background. 

#3 – It broadens your reach within the job market

Video interviewing broadens your reach over more of the best talent in the job market. This is because it removes locational and situational challenges for your applicants, allowing them to pursue opportunities from any location, and at any time.

This is especially effective when countering geographical challenges, such as when individuals are looking to relocate for work, but may not be able to make a short-notice interview. 

Some workers have responsibilities and shift-patterns that make it difficult to attend in-person interviews. Meeting virtually removes these obstacles, allowing more of the best talent to pursue your opportunities. 

In summary

Video interviewing is fairly new in practice – becoming more popular with the rise of remote/hybrid working. While often seen as a crucial tool for employers today, it’s effect on the candidate journey is often brought into question.

The key benefits of video interviewing include:

  • Promoting accessibility in your hiring process
  • Helping with D&I, reducing the risk of unconscious bias
  • Broadening your geographical reach over more top talent

Interviewing using video technology helps to open up job opportunities to individuals facing certain challenges – such as caregivers, key workers, and those with disabilities. This promotes a fair, accessible hiring process – giving you reach over more of the best talent.

Video interviewing & remote hiring made easy with Talos 

With Talos, you gain access to a user-friendly virtual interview room – allowing you to conduct video interviews easily and flexibly.

This will help your business adapt to the changes that come with remote/hybrid working, as well as promoting accessibility, diversity & inclusion, and increasing your volume of strong candidates.

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Beck Shillito

Beck is here to bring you the latest business tech news, hiring tips, and exciting updates from Talos360.

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