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How to recruit from home – remote recruitment explained

5th May 2021 | 0 Comments

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With the rise of hybrid and remote working, many business processes are required to be fulfilled from home. In HR, this means adapting crucial aspects of people management to overcome the challenges of virtual working. Here we discuss how employers can recruit from home – allowing them to future-proof their hiring process.

How can I recruit from home?

To allow your team to recruit from home, you must first adapt your HR strategy, tech toolkit, and workflow structure to promote remote working.

Recruiting remotely is all in the planning. While it may seem like a challenge at first, it can be managed easily and efficiently with the right strategy. Here are some tips for hiring from home:

Structure your HR team’s workflows effectively

Your HR team is the driving force behind successful recruitment. Ensure that targets, goals, and workflows are realistic and well-structured.

Focus on strategies like SMART targeting, as well as holding virtual stand-up and stand-down meetings at the beginning and end of each day.

Ensure frequent communication with candidates

Candidate communication is critical when recruiting remotely. Ensure applicants are kept up to date with their progress throughout the hiring journey – reducing the time your team spends chasing candidates, and attracting new talent. 

High-quality contact with candidates also ensures they get off to the best start with your company. This boosts your employer brand, while promoting new-starter retention. 

Utilise recruitment software 

Like all aspects of business, recruitment has been met with recent innovations in technology – allowing employers to maintain a strong hiring process in the virtual age. 

Recruitment systems such as applicant tracking, video interviewing, and onboarding platforms are crucial for enabling your team to hire remotely.

What software do I need to recruit from home?

For your team to recruit from home, it’s important to expand your company’s tech toolkit to fit the bill. Here are some of the most crucial software tools employers must utilise to enable remote recruitment:

Applicant tracking software

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) allow employers to attract, screen, contact, and manage their candidates remotely. While popular before the rise of remote working, the software has increased in demand as more HR teams pursue virtual hiring. 

An ATS is a crucial tool for remote recruitment, as it allows your HR team to manage the process end-to-end, while providing a positive experience for candidates. 

Video interview platform

Video interviewing has become a vital tool for employers with the rise of remote/hybrid working. While promoting at-home recruitment, it also increases accessibility within your hiring process – giving you increased reach over talent in your sector.

Video communication platforms allow employers to schedule, perform, record, and review interviews with candidates. This enables efficient remote recruitment, while reducing unconscious bias by allowing more decision-makers to review sessions.

Remote onboarding 

Onboarding is the most crucial part of the hiring process. It ensures your new recruits get off to the best start with your company – promoting productivity, effective training, and new-starter retention. 

Remote onboarding tools such as employee portals help new recruits get to grips with their role. This provides training resources, e-signing of contracts/forms, and key employer brand information – allowing employees to begin their new positions remotely. 

In summary

The rise of hybrid/remote working has brought all-new challenges to the world of recruitment. Employers are beginning to adapt their HR strategy to enable remote hiring – increasing demand for software and training resources.

Here are some things to consider when planning to recruit from home:

  • Structure your HR team’s workload with SMART targeting & focused workflows
  • Ensure frequent contact between hiring managers and their colleagues & candidates
  • Utilise recruitment software (applicant tracking, video interviewing, remote onboarding)

While remote recruitment may seem like a challenge, it can be achieved effectively and fairly easily with the right tools and strategies. With the increase of work-from-home roles across all sectors, it’s vital that employers adapt their hiring strategy to meet the needs of a remote workforce. 

Talos – the all-in-one virtual hiring tool

Talos is the all-in-one solution to remote recruitment – giving you access to next-generation applicant tracking, video interviewing, email/SMS automation, and virtual onboarding. 

With Talos, it has never been easier to recruit from home successfully – while ensuring a positive experience for both your colleagues and candidates.

Discover a better way to approach remote recruitment:

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