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How to onboard & train remote employees

22nd July 2021 | 0 Comments

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Remote and hybrid working models have presented all-new challenges for employee onboarding and training. The lack of face-to-face contact makes some HR professionals question the success of previously established methods – leading to added pressure when onboarding remote employees. Here we discuss some easy and effective ways to onboard and train new employees remotely.

Onboarding new remote employees:

When a new employee is joining your business remotely, it’s even more crucial to provide a strong onboarding process. Here’s how to ensure remote employees get off to the best start with your business:

#1 – Provide personalised welcome packs well in advance

Make sure new recruits are provided with welcome packs and employer brand material well in advance of their start date. This will help them to become more familiar with their new employer, and the wider business surrounding their role.

It’s always important to ensure welcome material is personalised for each new employee. Include details relating specifically to their department, colleagues, role, and specialist area.

#2 – Introduce them to their colleagues over video

It’s vital to instill a sense of team spirit within your new remote employees. Introduce new starters to their colleagues throughout the wider business by using video calls and meetings.

This will ensure a comfortable and supportive start with your business, encouraging collaboration despite the physical separation. 

#3 – Ensure equipment and software is ready for their first day

Remote employees likely rely on multiple software and hardware tools in their day-to-day roles. Ensure all equipment and software is set up and ready to go for their first day – including login details. 

If you’re posting equipment out to remote employees, ensure you allow plenty of time for this to arrive before their first day. 

#4 – Use a remote onboarding portal/microsite 

Using a virtual onboarding portal/microsite makes it easier for your HR team to manage new employees remotely. This enables you to track each new starter through every onboarding stage, and ensure they have all the info and resources they need.

Talos provides built-in remote onboarding tools, allowing you to easily track and manage your new remote employees.

Training new remote employees:

A strong training strategy is crucial for bringing new employees up to speed. When new recruits are working remotely, it’s even more important to build an effective training plan:

#1 – Maintain regular high-quality contact

Keep in touch with your new starters to ensure they’re consistently supported throughout the training process. Talk them through each step of their learning journey, and offer advice when required.

#2 – Lead virtual inductions and training sessions

If you’re training multiple remote employees at once, you might want to lead group sessions to make the process easier. This not only allows you to engage with more new recruits over a shorter period of time, but also encourages peer-to-peer support if needed.

Training on a one-to-one basis can be intense for any new recruit; when working remotely, this experience can become even more taxing. Leading group sessions promotes collaboration between your new starters, while instilling a sense of comradery in your team.

#3 – Prepare digestible guides to core processes

Instead of leading one-to-one training sessions to cover every last detail of core processes, try making digestible guides for new employees to read through themselves. This saves time for you and your HR team, while promoting employee autonomy from the very beginning.

#4 – Hold weekly reviews to assess their training progress

Review your new starter’s progress by holding weekly one-to-one reviews. Use video calls to stay in touch, and provide support through a more face-to-face medium.

This gives new employees the opportunity to seek advice, and address any issues they may be having with tasks and processes. Regular catch-ups ensure you remain up-to-date with their progression, while getting them off to a strong start with your business.

Talos: A better way to hire & onboard remotely

Talos is an all-in-one recruitment and onboarding tool, making it easier than ever to attract, manage, hire, and onboard new talent remotely. 

The platform facilitates video screening, interviewing, and meeting sessions to ensure high-quality contact with remote recruits. The intuitive Applicant Tracking System provides remote onboarding and training tools, allowing you to track and manage remote employees as they start their new roles.

Talos includes:

  • Next-generation Applicant Tracking System
  • Remote onboarding and welcome tools
  • Video screening and interview platform
  • Multi-platform job-poster 
  • Recruitment advertising suite
  • Automated progression of your strongest applicants
  • SMS/email update automation for candidates

Discover a better way to hire and onboard remote employees:

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