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5 recruitment solutions that will change the way you hire

13th May 2021 | 0 Comments

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The job market is a competitive place these days – not just for candidates, but for hiring employers. In order to stay ahead of the competition, and attract the most compatible talent, companies need to optimise their hiring process for the modern age. Here we discuss the recruitment solutions that will change the way you approach hiring – and help you attract the strongest new employees.

Five gamechanging recruitment solutions

Here are five of the best recruitment solutions currently available to employers. Utilising these will make hiring more efficient, data-driven, cost-effective and ethical.

#1 – Applicant tracking software (ATS)

Applicant tracking software (ATS) puts candidate information in one place – allowing you to effectively manage even the largest recruitment campaigns. 

The platforms store data such as CVs, contact information, skills, and compatibility in easy-access candidate profiles. This promotes an efficient, paperless hiring process for your team, while delivering positive hiring decisions.

With an ATS, you can collect data, screen, rank, engage, and progress candidates throughout the hiring journey. This not only saves time for your team, but helps to provide candidates with a positive hiring journey – promoting engagement and new employee retention.

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#2 – Virtual hiring & onboarding platforms

With the rise of remote/hybrid working conditions, virtual hiring has become a crucial tool for employers to attract talent effectively. 

Recruitment solutions such as video interviewing and remote onboarding suites enable employers and candidates to hold high-quality meetings in spite of any challenges. This creates an accessible hiring process – promoting D&I, and allowing you to reach more of the best talent.

Remote onboarding software, such as onboarding microsites, allow new employees to start their new roles from home. These platforms contain all the information candidates need to join your company successfully, without the need for intense, in-person meetings.

Virtual hiring also speeds up your recruitment process – making screening candidates easier, and enabling on-demand video interviewing.

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#3 – Anonymised hiring techniques 

Anonymised hiring techniques have been popularised by the increased HR focus on diversity and inclusion (D&I). The practice involves removing specific information from candidate records – such as name, address, gender, and age.

This reduces the risk of unconscious bias in your hiring process – helping you to recruit a diversely talented workforce, and boost your employer brand.

Recruitment solutions such as ATS make anonymised hiring easier, providing options to remove unnecessary candidate information from applications and profiles.

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#4 – Advertising campaign management suites 

Recruitment advertising is a crucial part of the hiring process; it’s how you attract the most relevant talent to join your company. However, it can lead to unnecessary recruitment spending if not managed effectively.

Advertising management suites allow you to post, assess, and adapt your recruitment campaigns for maximum reach, and best value for money. This ensures your money is spent in the right places: attracting the most compatible talent to your business.

These platforms give you access to real-time analytics, allowing you to review the successes and challenges. This means you can optimise your campaigns based on what works best – boosting performance, and saving money.

#5 – Automated email/SMS scheduling software

Contact with candidates is key to the success of your hiring process. With automated email/SMS software, you can build personalised updates and correspondence to regularly engage your candidates.

This may include ‘application received’ messages, welcoming them to your hiring process, as well as interview booking confirmation, and onboarding comms. 

Automating this process saves time for your team, while ensuring every candidate is met with the same level of high-quality engagement. This boosts your employer brand reputation, and ensures new recruits get off to the best start with your business.

In summary

Recruitment can be a minefield for HR professionals to navigate – it’s crucial to attract the most compatible new talent, while promoting your employer brand reputation. 

Fortunately, there exists a variety of intuitive recruitment solutions which make the hiring process that bit easier. These include:

  • Applicant tracking software (ATS)
  • Virtual hiring & onboarding suites
  • Anonymised hiring techniques
  • Advertising campaign management suites
  • Automated email/SMS software

With the right approach, and a strong tech toolkit, your HR team can approach recruitment with confidence – reducing your reliance on outsourcing.

This not only saves you valuable time and money, but increases candidates’ engagement with your unique employer brand. This attracts like-minded candidates who share your brand values, while boosting your industry reputation.

All the best tools in one place: Talos recruitment platform

Want to access all the best recruitment solutions in one place? Talos gives you access to all the tools you need to deliver successful, time and cost-efficient hiring. 

With Talos, you’ll gain access to:

  • Intuitive applicant tracking 
  • Virtual hiring tools (video interviewing & remote onboarding)
  • Anonymised hiring capabilities (promoting D&I)
  • Advertising management suite (saving money and boosting attraction)
  • Email & SMS automation (improving candidate experience, and saving time)

Discover a better way to manage hiring, and attract compatible talent:

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