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Recruit employees quickly: How to speed up recruitment

30th April 2021 | 0 Comments

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Recruitment is a time-based game; the quicker you can screen, interview, and hire candidates, the more likely you are to secure the best talent. Here we discuss how employers can speed up recruitment, making the process easier for their team, and ensuring they can hire the strongest candidates.

How can I recruit quickly?

There are many intuitive ways to speed up recruitment – from technology to simple strategy changes. Here are some of the best ways to recruit quickly:

Automate candidate communications/updates

Communicating with candidates is important; it ensures your applicants remain in the loop, and engaged with your employer brand. However, this can be incredibly time consuming for your HR team, making automation in this area crucial in order to speed up recruitment. 

Scheduling software allows you to plan, schedule, and distribute personalised updates to your applicants. This helps to promote a positive hiring journey, while reducing recruitment admin for your HR team.

Use video screening/interviewing 

Video screening/interviewing are vital tools for recruiting quickly and effectively. Utilising these allows your team to process more applicants over a shorter period of time – enabling them to identify the strongest candidates, and speed up recruitment.

Video interviewing also promotes accessibility within your hiring process, providing flexibility for candidates who may struggle to make in-person appointments. This increases your reach to attract more top talent, while processing your candidates more effectively. 

Build a talent pool to source engaged candidates

By pooling previous applicants into ‘talent pools’, you gain on-demand access to an engaged group of relevant talent. While it’s impossible for every candidate to be successful in their initial application, keeping them engaged for future opportunities will help to speed up recruitment.

Furthermore, talent pools help to drastically decrease your candidate attraction costs – helping to promote cheaper, more effective hiring.

Utilise applicant tracking software

Applicant tracking software (ATS) is a crucial tool for companies looking to speed up recruitment. The systems enable your HR team to attract, manage, and progress applicants in a simplified manner. This not only speeds up the hiring process, but promotes a positive candidate journey. 

Utilising an ATS promotes automation within your recruitment process, helping to reduce admin, and lift pressure from your hiring team.

With Talos, you gain access to a next-generation applicant tracking system, ensuring applicant data is secure, accessible, and well-managed. This promotes speed and efficiency throughout every aspect of your hiring process.

In summary

The speed and efficiency of your recruitment process is an important factor in attracting key talent. The quicker you can attract, screen, and progress applicants, the more likely you are to secure the strongest candidates.

There are many ways to speed up recruitment, from embracing technology, to making strategic changes. These include:

  • Automating candidate communication (SMS/email)
  • Using video screening/interviewing
  • Building talent pools of previous applicants for future engagement
  • Utilising applicant tracking software

By embracing the above tools and practices, you can provide a smooth recruitment journey for both your candidates, and your HR team.

All of the above features in one: Talos ATS

Why spend time re-evaluating every aspect of hiring when you can utilise an all-in-one tool? With Talos, you gain access to all of the above features – allowing you to automate communication, video screen/interview, build talent pools, and manage data with an ATS – all from one user-friendly dashboard.

Talos will make recruitment easier for your team, while ensuring you provide an excellent candidate journey – attracting the best talent.

Discover a better way to hire strong employees:

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